Rue 107 Relaunches Plus Size Line — And It's Pure Confidence-Inducing Fashion For Spring




Although plus-size fashion is getting bolder and undoubtedly better in terms of variety and availability, there's still a certain sort of blandness that remains conspicuous in many a garment above a size 14. So when plus-size retailers stridently produce daring, fat girl fashion rule-breaking apparel, it's impossible not to take notice. Cue Rue 107: the body-positive brand whose Curve line (sold in sizes 14-24) is just as heterogenous and notable as its straight-size counterpart.

Just in time for spring, Rue 107 has relaunched a Curve section so full of radiant colors, bold prints, and silhouette-enhancing (rather than diminishing) cuts, that it's almost dreamlike — a precious rarity, still, in plus fashion. The brand is the baby of creative spirit Marie Jean-Baptiste, a Haitian-born designer who "celebrates the vibrant colors of her creole heritage and the essence of her second home New York City," as stated in Rue 107's About page. This blending of culture and ora has resulted in a collection unapologetic in its visibility. And subsequently, it's something of an antidote to all the baggy tees and boot-cut denim designed with the intention of hiding fuller, thicker bodies.

As someone who loves to wear all the things I was told weren't for my body, this brand speaks to my heart. From bikini bottoms cut high enough to show off my chubby thighs to holographic leggings that I'm sure would make my butt look bigger, everything in this collection breaks some kind of "flattering" rule. And ultimately, that makes every item infinitely more covetable.